Meet Our Team

Our people are friendly and knowledgeable. We pride ourselves in building lasting relationships, and providing a safe, educational environment.

Anna Novak

Owner, CMO, Budtender

Hi, I'm Anna! I love creating beautiful and interesting environments. I'm eager to create interactive and unique experiences within The Bad Company.


I'm also a tattoo artist and owner of Dark Mark Arts: Tattooing and Curiosity Gallery.

I love CBD salves to care for my overworked hands, and I enjoy vaping indicas to help me relax at the end of the day.  Pina Colada from Pharmers is my current favorite.

owner Anna Novak tattoo artist

Dan Novak

COO, Budtender

Hey there! I'm Dan. I have long-term experience with regulation and compliance, so I help keep the team on top of this ever-changing industry. I'm also a woodworker in my free time. 

My favorite way to partake cannabis is vaping. I tend to pick strains that alleviate my migraines, like OG Kush, Skywalker, and Girl Scout Cookies.

cmo Dan Novak carpenter and woodworker


Master Grower & Budtender

Hey,  I'm Elias. I was homegrown in Madrid, NM. I'm super laid back. I enjoy being active outdoors. Camping, playing sports, and gaming are some of my hobbies.


I'm always down for a dab or to smoke some flower. I would say that fruity-flavored sativa hybrids are my favorite, but honestly, I love it all.

grower budtender flower bud


Store Manager

Hey - I'm Veronica! Being a ganja girl at heart, I'm always down to roll a joint or heat up a dab. I love being out in nature and enjoy a nice medicated salve to deal with the aches and pains. When I'm not out in the sun, I love a good movie marathon and craft day. 

To quote Winona Ryder, "in a world full of Heathers, be a Veronica!"

cannabis dispensary girl scout cookies vape



Hi, I'm Linnea! I’m a Psychology major and I’m obsessed with true crime! I’m a homebody and love anything warm and cozy.


I love any strain mixed with Girl Scout Cookies, but mainly use vapes. 



Hi, I'm Cassidy. I love my dog, she's my best friend. I love naps and they're even better with my dog. I spend my free time watching anime or reading manga.


I prefer to smoke cannabis but I will take edibles on occasion. My favorite strain is Fruity Pebbles.

dog cannabis goth girl anime
trainer runtz physical athlete indica



Hey, my name is Brandon! I'm an ex-athlete turned musculosystematic engineer/ sports performance trainer. I've competed at every level from youth to professional. Throughout my life and athletic career I suffered many injuries resulting in surgery.


My goal is to bridge the gap between cannabis and sports injury recovery. I'm excited to help my community find a healthier way to heal from the scars life gives us, physically and mentally. 

I'm a huge fan of indicas. (RUNTZ)



Hi, I'm Hero! I love using cannabis while doing yoga or painting, and to help ease pain.


My favorite strains are Skywalker and Ice Cream Man. I prefer flower or vape, but I love edibles too!

cannabis yoga painter skywalker flower vape



Hi, I'm Christan! I am a dog mom with two good boys at home. I love growing my own plants and doing all kinds of crafting. I love music and action novels.


In the evening, I like to sit down to a good movie and my bong, Princess Leia, and have a relaxing time.



Hi, I'm Ronnie! I believe that health IS wealth, and the power of the plant can be medicine for so many people. I've worked in grow, and have seen lots of plants. Drago has some of the most interesting characteristics that I've ever seen. 

I love to kick back with some good flower - Gushers and Banana Cake are some of my favorites.


Flower Maintenance

Hi, I'm Jeremy! I'm a bit sarcastic and always down for a laugh. I'm trying to convince my bosses that my title should actually be "Flower Fondler."


At the end of the day, I like to chill out with a nice, gentle indica.

flower cannabis dispensary apothecary indica weed trim weigh bag
I wanna be BAD.jpg



Hey, my name is Aaron! I'm a local here. I've always had a green thumb.


I love a good sativa to get me through the day, like Pure Mosa. But there's nothing like a couple dabs of a good rosin or shatter to wind down.